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On this page you will find a list of software that I have made, most of them being 3D environments used in my research (built on Unity3D with C#). If you want to get one of these environment or just learn more about them, contact me. You can either run the build .exe in windows or get the source code (under conditions), and depending on your project (i.e if you are a student and/or the project is socially helpful) I can help modifying the environment or building on a different platform (mobile, mac, linux).

Arthur Maneuvrier

Virtual reality 3D environments:

Other software:

None of these tools collect data externally. It is the user's responsability to ensure that all human data are protected and ethically gathered.
All software licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Space Shooter

Virtual Rod and Frame Test



The structures:

The authors:

Partners, credits and special thanks


Spatial cognition evaluation


A project of a free open-source software designed to help virtual reality users

Download the alpha version

The PhiVR project

Phi VR
Screenshot of PhiVR

Project development

Software computation